October 2023

Woah! Time is flying. Two months ago I started writing down my thoughts regularly. September & August.

The entire point is keeping public documentation of my journey from $0, to hopefully something more than $0. So far, progress has been slow…

I touched upon shiny object syndrome last month. This month was more a let any obstacle stop you kind of month.

The only delay with the SaaS application right now is waiting on google to verify my oauth.

According to them, the review process can take 4 – 6 weeks. Brutal!

I’m probably about 3 weeks into the process. I responded to their email as quickly as possible, but I have not heard anything back. I am sure I will not hear back until I am either approved or rejected.

Should I let that stop me?

I don’t want to charge anyone if they get an ugly screen like this when they are trying to integrate google calendar:

I have beta users, which has helped me work out a few simple bugs. But I know the real test is paying customers. If I can’t get them and if they don’t like the program, it’s not worth continuing to work on it.

So here is the plan. Instead of launching the app (I don’t think I can) and then trying to get users.

I am going to try and get users and then launch the app. I am going to set up a launch list and then once I get the approval, I will launch to the warm list.

I will share my learnings along the way. Full disclosure for all.

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