(This is a now page, inspired by Derek Sivers)

Updated August 30, 2023, from my office in Miami Beach. It’s the end of summer, not sure summer ever really ends, but better weather might be right around the corner.

This Site

I just started this website today (8/30/23).

Since turning 40, I’ve been fascinated by how our age beliefs influence what we believe is possible. How do I have less options now that I am older. Sure, I have responsibilities, but I also have experience and wisdom. That’s worth something right?

On this site I will log some of my adventures through middle age. (Hopefully!)

Calendar SaaS

I’ve always wanted to build and launch my own SaaS product. I have a bit of experience in this area, but I have never truly launched my own product.

This ties into middle age well. If I am so concerned about my age and how much time I have left, I should be doing a better job tracking my time. Not only tracking my time, but rating and reviewing my time so I can get better at spending it how I want to spend it.

I am building in public, so follow along on twitter, or via rss if that’s still a thing.


I love to read. I’ll keep a list of what I am currently reading and what I have recently read here.